Marley Financial Group provides health care options for the self-employed.

How can I get good health insurance for less?

Individuals can get better coverage for less by looking for health plans that are underwritten. All ACA plans are guaranteed issue. Meaning, regardless of health they automatically qualify. An underwritten plan screens applicants for serious ongoing health problems and accept only people that are basically healthy. Once accepted they cannot be dropped if they do develop a problem. The insurance company by accepting only healthy people initially, have significantly lower rates. 

Is there a way to reduce my health insurance cost?

Besides looking for an underwritten insurance carrier, an effective way to reduce health insurance premiums is by reducing the most expensive part of insurance coverage. Insurance is designed to cover an unexpected event, such as a heart attack. For example, you have auto insurance in case you get in an accident, but your auto insurance does not cover, oil changes or tire rotation. Your homeowners does not cover cutting your grass. If it did, the cost of your homeowners would increase significantly because every week they would be paying out for the yard claims. The total amount via insurance would be more than if paid for outright. 

Is there a way to help with prescriptions cost?

There are several cash discount programs, one of the most well known is GoodRx. However, if someone has a very expensive RX there are prescription advocacy groups that can obtain RX at a better price. Marley Financial Group can help our clients find those prices.

What is an HSA/FSA/HRA and how do they work?

Medical, saving or spending accounts are a great way to put aside money for out of pocket medical expenses. Each have their own advantages. Of all the choices a Health Matching Accounts provides the best benefits and maximum flexibility, ask your agent why this versatile program is right for you. 

Is there insurance for small businesses that is affordable?

Most small companies have a fully insured model of group health insurance. This is also the most expensive type of group health insurance. Innovative new designs are now making health plans for small business that work similarly to the types of plans large companies offer.  A lot more benefits with a lot less cost…usually with nationwide networks and opportunities to receive money back year after year. 

Is there a health plan that is good anywhere or in multiple states?

Yes. Marley Financial Group has many programs with both National PPO networks or Reference Based plans. Reference based Plans(RBP) allows insurerds to go to any hospital or facility that accepts Medicare (virtually all hospitals accept Medicare).

Comprehensive Life Insurance Offerings

We provide a broad selection of life insurance options to meet any need or goal. We work to provide in-depth information so you can make educated decisions for your and your family’s future.

Note: Any reference to the word guarantee is based on the claims paying ability of the underlying insurance company.

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